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Guangzhou Airport Customs Clearance Broker For Stuck DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT/EMS/SF Shipments?

China customs now have more strict supervision over personal postal articles and international courier shipments than previously. When you ship to China by DHL, TNT,  Fedex, UPS, EMS, SF, OCS,  your packages might be stuck because of exceeding quantity, exceeding shipment value or random customs inspection. In case being stuck, you will have to hire a customs broker that has import and export right in China to help you complete the customs clearance. And Seahog, the well-trusted customs broker in China, will be one of your best choices.

Who we are? What we do and what we can guarantee?
-We are a well trusted customs broker since 1997
We have A professional team of over 300 employees, with rich skills and expert skills
We are familiar with documentation and regulations
We hold a large service networking, covering Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Ningbo, Xiamen, Chengdu

-We help to locate HS codes and check supervision conditions
We help to help to sort out, check and prepare required documents
We provide import title and right for individual clients and companies that do not hold import and export right

-We guarantee 100% successful handling rate in this field after accepting the cases  
We guarantee we get the customs clearance done in 2 working days
We guarantee competitive prices

What info and docs we need from you:
- courier way bill and the attached invoice
-goods info, such as HS codes,  commodity name, brand, usage, model.
What types of commodities we handle?
-All types of commodities, expecting those banned from importation.

Most recent stuck shipments we handle
OCS, Shanghai pudong airport, containing auto parts
DHL, Shenzhen airport, containing cellphone parts
DHL, Shenzhen airport, containing golf launch monitor
Fedex, Guangzhou airport, containing plastic/paper/nylon packing samples
Fedex, Shanghai pudong airport, containing atomizer for e-cigarette
DHL, Shanghai pudong airport, containing power supply
TNT, Beijing airport, containing hand towels, bottom sheet, shams, duvet cover, bath sheets, bath mats, wash cloth,
Fedex, Guangzhou airport, containing wallets
Fedex, Shanghai airport, containing product brochures,luggage tas, Pull-up banners
SF, Shanghai Pudong Airport, containing leather belts, pumps, sweater, pencil skirt, pants, blazer, linen top
DHL, Shanghai Pudong Airport, containing e-liquids for e-cigarette
DHL, Guangzhou airport, containing pewter plate
UPS, Shanghai airport, containing shirts, shorts, tops, socks
UPS, Shanghai airport, containing training gloves, boxing gloves, fist wraps, hand gear, mouth guard, chest guard, sack pack, shin& instep guards, fight shorts, rash guard, thai pads, boxing tape
Fedex, Shanghai pudong airport, containing fitness equipments
UPS, Shanghai airport, containing fabrics
DHL, Guangzhou airport, containing computer parts
... ...

Welcome to contact us for inquiry. We are able to get the stuck courier shipments cleared smoother and faster than you may have expected.