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A Journey of A DHL Parcel Stuck at Guangzhou Airport

On April 5, 2021, a DHL parcel arrived at Guangzhou airport and was stuck there. The receiver tried to declare the containing items as personal items but failed because the total value(USD612.68) of the parcel exceeded the value limit for personal items. In this case, formal declaration was required, and a customs broker in Guangzhou was also needed. 

On April 7, the receiver reached us via wechat. But after reviewing the containing list, we found that formal declaration was also not possible. Why? Let us check what were contained inside first.

1 x Philips Sonicare Airfloss
1 x Philips Sonicare Airfloss
1 x Ergobaby Carrier Omni 360
1 x Logitech Brio 
1 x Elektron Analog Four Black
1 x Electron Octa 
2 x Nature Made DHA. 

It was because 2 x Nature Made DHA was food which was legal inspection products. The customs clearance of food shipped via courier services requires lots of documents(check below). As customs clearance agent in Guangzhou, we could assist in preparing some of below docs, but the receiver was not able to provide the documents that shall be provided. We advised the receiver that the customs clearance could not be proceeded. Receiver did not give up and kept checking different customs agents in Guangzhou. It took him over three months. But regulations were regulations, no agent could handle beyond regulations. The parcel ended up being returned. The return procedures were initiated on July, and completed on Aug 3.

1.Health certificate or free sales certificate. 
2.Note: Health certificate or free sales certificate is not required for most of food(Beverage, for example) for human consumption. Only a small part of food needs the certificate. There is no detailed list as food covers a very wide range of products. 
2.Information List of Imported food
3.Chinese label sample, clear photos of original labels and their Chinese translation are required for pr-packed food. 
4.Chinese label Statement and Chinese label sample are required for food with large package. 
5.Registration info screen shot of domestic importer, manufacturer and the exporter/shipper. 
6.2.Letter of Commitment by consignee of imported food(only required for pre-packed products)
7.If the food products are imported for the first time, first time import statement shall be provided. If not first time import, import record shall be provided. 
8.Certificate of origin required for imported wine
9.If the country of origin is Japan, shall check with Customs whether certificate of origin is required. 
10.If the imported food is not for sale, usage statement shall be provided. 
11.Photocopies of business license and food circulation permit, stamped with companys seal. 

The receriver removed the 2 x Nature Made DHA and resent the parcel. On Aug 12,2021, the parcel arrived at Guangzhou airport. The receiver chose us to assist customs clearance. We started to process on Aug 13, and the procedures were completed on Aug 17. 

What a Journey! 
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