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What Documents Are Required for China Customs CLearance of Auto Parts

Auto parts are mainly divided into three categories£ºengine power composition and the accessories, chassis and the accessories, body parts and accessories. The three main categories can be further subdivided as an automobile are assembled by more than 20,000 individual spare parts which involve lots of varieties. Seahog, a China customs broker with over 25 years of experience in handling import customs clearance for all kinds of commodities, including of course auto parts. 

As below you can see a China Customs Declaration Sheet for a shipment with auto parts made in USA.  Seahog¡¯s Guangzhou customs clearance agent helped clear the  in Guangzhou Nansha port. The applied HS codes include 8708999990(with 6% import duty , 13% value added tax ),  8708801000(with 6% import duty , 13% value added tax), 8544302090(with 10% import duty , 13% value added tax, and 15% extra import duty for goods of USA origin ), and 8409919990(5% import duty , 13% value added tax) . Based on this case, Seahog would like to share more about getting auto parts imported into China as below.

Used auto parts are banned from importing into China. So this first step of the importation of auto parts is to make sure they are new. The second step is to let the China customs broker  check and confirm HS codes of each auto part based on the names and check the required documents for customs clearance. The importation of auto parts involves several documents for different parts, like CCC certificate ( for tyres,  brake hoses, locking machines, hinges, automative lighting and other vision devices, auto seats, safety belts, SRS system ), automatic import license (for engines and chassis ), and safety performance test report for (automotive aluminium alloy hubs),

The import flow: place order ¡ú provide accurate packing list ¡ú ask China customs agent check HS codes ¡ú obtain required documents ¡ú Shipment arrvial ¡ú China customs declaration ¡ú arrange tax payment ¡ú inspection ¡ú customs release