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Help with Customs Clearance for Taiwan-Made Indoor Deodorant at Guangzhou airport

indoor deodorant
Indoor deodorant/air freshener spray is mianly composed of ethyl alcohol, essence and deionized water. By diffusing fragrance, indoor deodorant/air freshener spay covers up odor so as to ease people¡¯s uncomfortable feeling caused by the indoor odor. 

Seahog¡¯s Guangzhou customs clearance agency team, recently cleared a shipment with 606 pieces of indoor deodorant made in Taiwan, China at Guangzhou airport for a Guangzhou-based company. The customs clearance procedures were completed within the day the shipment arrived at Guangzhou as Seahog Guangzhou team had get everything ready in advance. The client, a company based in Guangzhou, was very impressed with Seahog¡¯s high-efficient services. The China import customs declaration sheet is presented as below. 
China customs declaration sheet for deodorant
What documents are required for clearance of indoor deodorant in China?
1.Original labels and their Chinese translation
2.The Chinese label up to China national standards
3.Certificate of origin, packing list, invoice, and sales contract
4.MSDS (to check if any hazardous ingredient is involved )
5.Declaration elements
6.the consignee company in China shall have import right. If the Chinese consignee company does not have import right, can use Seahog¡¯s import title and ask Seahog to act as the importer. 

The importation and clearance flow of indoor deodorant are nothing special, just like other goods, so we simply skip and not to repeat in this article. But there are some points that we want to call for the attention of importers of indoor deodorant or similar products.
1.Before importation, importers shall get a general idea of the customs supervisions and tax regulations for the product. Better consult with an experienced China customs broker to obtain accurate info
2.The Classification and Identification Report for Hazardous Goods shall be obtained in advance. The pre-report sheet for imported hazardous goods, and the declaration sheet for entry hazardous goods shall be submitted in advance.
3.Make sure the applied HS code is correct for the goods.
4.The package and the markings shall conforms with the relevant regulations and requirements.
5.The declared ingredients shall be consistent with the ingredients as shown on the package, and shall also same as the ingredient indicated on the relevant docs and permit. Otherwise, that will cause trouble for the import clearance in China.