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Guangzhou Customs Clearance Assistance for Imported Rose Wood - Akar Laka (Dalbergia parviflora)

Akar Laka (Dalbergia parviflora) , hard, with delicate structure and exquisite texture is a type of precious rosewood and a very good material to make arts and crafts and high-end furniture. The heart wood of Akar Laka has very beautiful pattern and colors and rich fragrance. Akar Laka has been listed as Vulnerable ( VU)  Wild plant under State protection ( category II) as its natural distribution is quite rare. 

guangzhou customs inspection for akar laka

In September,2023, Seahogs Guangzhou customs broker team helped clear a container of Akar Laka logs originated from Indonesia at Nansha port, Guangzhou. We shared the picture of the logs which Seahog Guangzhou team took when assisted the Guangzhou customs officers to execute the inspection and the relevant China import customs declaration sheet. 

China customs declaration sheet for akar laka

The required documents to handle the customs clearance for logs include: certificate of origin, fumigation certificate, sales contract, and sea way bill. As Akar Laka is rosewood, the CITES from the exporting country(in this case, Indonesia) and the importing country (in this case, China) are required. For this shipment, as the Chinese receiver does not have import right, It was Seahog that acted as the importer and helped obtained the CITES The Endangered Species Import & Export Management Office of China.


Tips: If not sure the accurate Chinese name for China customs declaration, please provide the latin name of to wood to the China customs broker

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