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Hong Kong Detected Tiny Amount of Radiation on A imported Tea Bag Sample From Japan

Sep.27, 2014, Hong Kong Food Safety Center found a tea bag sample contained tiny amounts of radiation at import level. The related products did not flow into market.

It is reported that the involving product is named SHIRAKATA¡¡Sencha¡¡Tea¡¡Bag, originated from Shizuoka, Japan. The tea bag is packed at 16 bags per box, 2.5 gram per bag, and its best before date is Sep.2015.  

The spokesman of Food Safety Center claimes that, the radiation rest results showed that, the tea bag sample contains 7 bq Cs-134 and 19 bg Cs-137 per kilo grams.  The CAC guidance limit of radionuclide in polluted food after sudden nuclear or radiation accident is 1000 bq Cs-134 and Cs-137 per kilogram.

The MHLW guidance limits on radionuclide(Cs ) is 10 bq per kg water, 50 bq per kg milk, 100 bq per general food, 50 bq per kg baby food

Food Safety Center has contacted related importer to follow up the event, and the import has handed over related products voluntarily to the center for destroy treatment.
Since March 12, 2011, Hong Kong Food Safety Center has been strengthening the radiation test on imported Japan food at import, wholesales and retail level because of the nuclear accident in Fukushima Nuclear Plant. Except that in March 2011,three unqualified Japan vegetable samples were detected, the center also detected tiny amount of radiation on several Japan previously.