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Shanghai Port: Pests Detected in Imported Timber Increase By 70%

Shanghai CIQ disclosed that Yangshan CIQ recently intercepted and captured termites in a batch of Pterocarpuserinaceus Poir square stocks imported from Ghana and did fumigation on these square stocks so as to remove termites.

It is disclosed that Yangshan CIQ intercepted and captured twenty five varieties of termites in imported timber and square stocks from Ghana and Nigeria.

It is learn that, termite, with nearly 3000 varieties, is one of the five world-recognized pests. Termites do great damages. They are the enemy of  crops and trees(especially trees in plantation). Meanwhile they are main pest of city buildings, warehouse materials, shipping and railways, mail facility, communication cables, river dams and cultural relics. In south China, house damages and collapse caused by termites happen from time time. The old sayingOne ant-hole may cause the collapse of a thousand-li dike. describe the damage termites can bring to dams and dikes. The possible causing economy loss is  incalculable.

Once alien termites are imported, they will quickly become established and bring harms to domestic ecosystem. They are a very dangerous pest, after all.

It is reported that, from Jan.-Jun.2014, Yangshan CIQ conducted inspection and quarantine on 83281 batches of animal and plant products and their wooden packing totally 467 varieties of pests involved in 18199 batches were intercepted and captured. Therein 40 varieties in 1193 batches are quarantine pests, increasing by 70% compared with same period of last year.