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Shanghai Airport CIQ Consecutively Seized Five Batches of Unqualified Imitation Jewelry

Since September, Shanghai airport CIQ has consecutively detected five batches of unqualified cargoes with exceeding heavy metals during inspection on Imitation Jewelry imported via international couriers. The total weight of the involving cargoes is 43.9kgs, and the total value is USD6150.8. The involving cargoes are mainly metal cuffs, earrings,necklaces and other imitation jewelry, from UK, Japan, Brazil, Thailand and other countries. It was found in sampling test that these cargoes contained exceeding lead, cadmium, nickel and other harmful elements. Direct contact with imitation jewelry containing exceeding heavy metals will trigger anaphylactic reaction, and might cause contact dermatitis and even lead to infection  in serious case. Long-term wearing poses a threat to body health.

In response, Shanghai airport CIQ is carrying out important inspection job on imported imitation jewelry, strengthening the inspection, and enlarge the proportion of sampling test, so as to guarantee the quality of cargoes of this kind.