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How to Find A Reliable Customs Broker Agent in Shanghai China for Stuck DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT Packages Parcels Shipments?

Many individuals and companies send packages/parcels to China by international couriers like DHL,TNT,Fedex,and UPS but some times end up being blocked , stuck, or caught by China customs. They are informed that they have to do formal customs clearance and pay  relevant taxes. What to do and how to get the stuck packages, caught parcels, block shipments cleared in this case? The answer is to find an experienced customs clearance agent in China. And Seahog, with an expert team specialized in this field and import and export right for a very wide range commodities, is one of your best choices

 We can help to sort out all required documents, provide import title and import right  and get customs clearance for clients suck in this situation. We hold professional customs declaration team with rich experience in importation and solid knowledge in this field. We are familiar with custom policies,CIQ rules, relevant laws and regulations and the flows and procedures. We are thus able to do customs clearance fast and solve all kinds of issues during the process for our clients.  What you need to do is to provide us with the courier way bill and the invoice And we can then take care subsequent customs clearance procedures.

The main jobs of customs declaration include
Examine the goods information and documents provided by clients
Locate and confirm the HS code to check if import permit,special procedures are required
Confirm declaration elements
Make declaration documents
Input into customs system, send data, submit documents on field, pay taxes, customs release
Subsequent document management
We can do general trade import declaration, temporary import and export, customs clearance in bonded zone, provide import titles and right.

Below are part of the stuck goods  we helped handle in 2016
auto parts,  cellphone parts,  golf launch monitor, plastic/paper/nylon packing samples, tomizer for e-cigarette,  eliquid, power supply,  hand towels, bottom sheet, shams, duvet cover, bath sheets, bath mats, wash cloth, containing wallets, product brochures,luggage tas, Pull-up banners,  leather belts, pumps, sweater, pencil skirt, pants, blazer, linen top,  e-liquids for e-cigarette, pewter plates,  shirts, shorts, tops, socks, training gloves, boxing gloves, fist wraps, hand gear, mouth guard, chest guard, sack pack, shin& instep guards, fight shorts, rash guard, thai pads, boxing tape,  containing fitness equipments, fabrics, computer parts , network cables, plastic blank panels, servers, HDD, scarves,   PVC fabrics,  organic chemicals,dyes,coatings, painting, ink, e-liquid, plastics, leather and leather goods, wood and wood products, fabric and clothing, machines, instruments,mechanical equipment,electronic product,electrical equipment,  spare parts, precise instruments, optical instrument,detecting instrument, clock and watches, musical instrument, furniture:home furniture, office furniture, wooden sculpture,  human hair, personal effects,  steel product, hardware,metalware,aluminium-alloy product,

Our China customs declaration services are available in Beijing airport, Shenzhen airport, Guangzhou airport, Shanghai airport, Chengdu airport, Qingdao airport, Tianjin airport for parcels and packages shipped by international couriers like DHL/TNT/Fedex/UPS, and also for regular goods shipped by air cargoes

SeaHog Logistics Expert
Expert Customs Agent in Shanghai for Stuck Parcels and Packages
We do customs clearance solution Within 10 mins
Get PVG Customs Clearance done in 2-3 days

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