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Shanghai Customs Broker¡¯s Note£ºHow Three Stuck Fedex Parcels Containing Dell Optiplex 7070 Were Cleared?

Seahog, a China customs agent in China, has been providing fast and efficient customs clearance in Shanghai airport for stuck international courier/postal parcels(for example, Fedex/DHL/TNT/UPS/SF parcels) for more than 20 years. Our services in this field are also available in Beijing airport, Chengdu airport, Shenzhen airport, and Guangzhou airport. We handle lots of stuck parcels every year and have many happy clients. Hereunder, we share a recent case to illustrate how we clear stuck parcels.  

In September 2021, one client contacted me via wechat and told me that he had three Fedex parcels had been stuck at Shanghai airport for over three weeks. The sender in USA put his number wrong on DHL waybill, so DHL was not able to inform him that formal customs clearance was required for these parcels. (Lesson: it is very important to put all info correct on the waybill to ensure customs clearance initiated and processed in time.) After waiting for a long time, he called DHL Shanghai to find out what happened. DHL told him that formal customs clearance was required and he needed to provide energy efficiency label and CCC certificate as the invoice indicated that the parcels contained small computer. We was recommended to him by his colleague for who we helped clear one parcel before. 

After talking into details with him, we confirmed that what contained inside were three Dell Dell Optiplex 7070 micro-hosts which shall be equipped with display to work as computers. That meant the correct HS code was 8471504090 which did not require energy efficiency label and CCC certificate. (Lesson: when prepare invoice for international parcels, try best to indicate accurate name to ensure correct HS code to be located). We helped prepare documents and proceeded customs clearance and get it done in two working days. :)

When we informed the client the parcel cleared and released, he said: ¡° it is proved that customs clearance shall be handled by a professional China customs broker. ¡°

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