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Shanghai Customs Clearance Agent for Soybean Oil - A Handling Case

Soybean oil is semitransparent liquid extracted from soybeans, with certain viscosity. Its color is different from buff to puce depending on different soybean varieties and coats. It is a type of vegetable oil with soybean aroma. Seahog, as an China import logistics provider with stong customs clearance ability, often arranges the import transportation and provide China customs clearance services for a wide range of edible oil, including soybean oil. 

Seahog¡¯s <a href="""" "" target="_blank">Shanghai customs agent team helped import a shipment with soybean oil at Shanghai port. The shipment contained 105142.2 kg soybean originated in Russia. As pictured, you can see the China Import Customs Declaration Sheet for this shipment. The applicable Chinese HS code for soybean oil is 1507900000, with 9% import duty and 9% value added tax.  

Getting soybean oil imported into China shall meet two key conditions. One is that the foreign manufacturer shall be registered at China customs system and obtain registration number, the other is that the importer shall obtain automatic import license. 

The China import customs clearance of soybean oil requires certificate of origin, health certificate, bill of lading, invoice, packing list, sales contract, original labels and their Chinese translation, Chinese labels, bottling date certificate, and test report. If the soybean oil is made of transgenic soybeans, certificate for transgenic product safety and relevant permit shall be provided. 

Seahog holds all the import qualifications for soybean oil and has get customs filing procedures done. Seahog can be the <a href="""" "" target="_blank">China import agent, act as the importer/consignee for all types of food products, including soybean oil, and provide the relevant import qualifications and title as required for the importation. Seahog is able to help clients obtain relevant import permits. We spare no effort to provide clients with high-quality one-stop services. Our rich experience will ensure you smooth importation and quick China customs clearance.