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Shanghai Customs Broker: How to Get Helmets Cleared and Imported to China?

Seahogs Shanghai customs broker team recently helped import two shipments with helmets. One was cleared at Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone and the other was cleared at PVG airport. Base on the two cases, we would like to share something about getting helmets imported into China.

The documents are required for handling the customs clearance in China for imported helmets are listed as below 
1.Packing list
4.Certificate of origin (if the helmets are made countries with which China have tariff preference agreement)
5.Sea/air waybill
6.Certificate for China Compulsory Product Certification for China Compulsory Product Certification
Note for Importation of Helmets 
In accordance with Catalog Products for Compulsory Product Certification and Tariff Codes , imported motor helmets shall provide Certificate for China Compulsory Product Certification. China customs will implement entry verification management on imported motor helmets at the port of entry. And there are no special qualification requirements for the foreign exporters and China importers. 

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