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Shenzhen Airport Import Clearance Case -Tampon from Japan

Tampon is cotton cylinder that can be inserted into vagina to absorb menses during menstrual period. The tampon quantity that a female consumes in her entire life might exceed 10,000 pieces. 
China customs declaration sheet for Japan-made Tampon
Seahog¡¯s Shenzhen customs clearance agent team recently cleared and import a shipment with Japan-made tampons at Shenzhen airport for a company based in Nanning, Guangxi. The clearance was completed by Seahog quite smoothly. After that, Seahog delivered the tampons to Nanning by truck. The client was very satisfied with Seahog¡¯s efficiency. The China import customs declaration sheet is shown as below. 

The required documents for handling the China customs clearance for tampons are as follows
1, packing list, invoice, contract, sea/air waybill, certificate of origin 
2.the consignee company in China shall have import right. If the Chinese consignee company does not have import right, can use Seahog¡¯s import title and qualifications.
3.Certificate of origin if the tampons are made in countries or regions with which China have signed the free-trade agreement or for which China have granted tariff preference.
4.Chinese label 
5. Toxicological test report for disposable sanitary products 
6.The declaration elements 

Note: Seahog provides doc making services based on the invoice provided by clients, help transfer/collect overseas payment, offers import titles and acts as Chinese consignee/importer, help obtain import permits for different products(in this importation, Seahog helped get the  Toxicological test report ), trying to satisfy different import needs for different clients. 

What An Importer of Tampons shall do Before/During the China customs Clearance. 
Before importation, importers of tampons shall have the general idea of the customs supervisions and tax regulations. Better consult with an experienced China customs broker.

The importer shall provide the accurate invoice and packing list. And the China customs broker shall help review all the required documents and make sure all is correct, accurate and is consistent with each document and the actual goods itself. 

The importer shall arrange tax payment in time after the import tax bills come out to ensure the customs clearance speed and avoid the fines from customs.