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Best Tianjin Customs Clearance Services for Imported Beer

Tianjin Seahog Logistics provides a complete set of import customs clearance services for all kinds of foodstuffs, including global to china sea/air freight, shipper and consignee registration, Chinese Label design and registration, commercial inspection, customs declaration, label pasting, inspection agency, warehouse, sample test, Chinese sanitary certificate, and local transportation.

Nowadays, more and more foreign foodstuffs rush to China market. Foreign beer, for example, is highly welcomed by Chinese consumers.What procedures should imported beer go through before it can be sold in China? How much taxes the importer has to pay? Whare documents are required for Tianjin customs clearance? And how long it takes to complete the customs clearing. And how to estimate the total logistics? Seahog is the right source for the answers.

Seahog professionally handles Tianjin customs clearance and provides local warehouse and logistics services for German beer, Spain beer, Taiwan beer, Korea beer, American beer , Italy beer, and beer from other countries.

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Required documents for Tianjin customs clearance of imported beer:
-packing list
-sales contract
-certificate of origin
-health certificate
-ingredient test report
-original label, and Chinese translation of original label

Operation Time Frame of Beer Import Customs Clearance at Tianjin Port:  
1. Shipper & consignee register filing - 2-3 working - days
2. Chinese Label design - 3 working days -  please provide original label first
3. Chinese Label filing, examination & verification - 7-14 working days
- highly suggest get the above jobs done before shipment arrival
4. Document exchange - half a day
5. Customs Declaration + Clearance - 7-10 working days (if all documents are correct and no problems occur to customs appraisal of cargo price )
6. Issue sanitary certificate & commodity inspection - 15 working days
7. Arrange delivery

Tianjin Seahog Logistics also handle Tianjin customs clearance for red wine, mineral water, fruit juice, beverage, olive oil, kitchen condiments, coffee, coffee bean, red wine, champagne, chocolate, honey, dry fruits, nuts, chips, milk powder, noodles and many other foodstuffs.