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Imported Poland Cookies Destroyed at Tianjin Port For Containing Riboflavin

Imported biscuits and cookies have been sought after by Chinese consumers. However Tianjin Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau(Hereinafter referred to as Tianjin Bureau) disclosed that a batch of imported cookies with chocolate chips was destroyed recently because of containing riboflavin.

The involving cookies , made in Poland, totally 700 cartons, over 1,600 KGS, with an invoice value of 3000 US dollars was destroyed by Beijiang office of Tianjin Bureau. During the preliminary examination of the Chinese label, the officer found that the ingredient list had Pigment E101- riboflavin. In accordance with GB2760-2014 Use Standards for Food Additives,  the officer judged that this batch of cookies was unqualified as it did not meet our national requirements for food safety and shall be destroyed.

It is introduced that  riboflavin is a kind of colorant and can only be use in making dehydrated potatoes, instant noodle and solid compound seasoning