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Customs Clearance Flow and Time Frame for Beer Import in Tianjin Port

Seahog logistics have been specializing in food import services for years and providing the import transportation, import CIQ declaration, import customs declaration, warehouse and delivery for food product. In terms of imported beer, we can offers a package import customs clearance in China, including China import agent, shipper and consignee registration, Chinese label registration, customs declaration, CIQ declaration, warehouse and transportation, import title.

As an expert customs broker in China, hereby today we do a brief introduction of China customs declaration, import flow, import documentation, import registration, import tax rates of beer,  

According to relevant regulations, before first importation, the shipper and consignee in China shall be registered in CIQ.
Required info from shipper: enterprise name, enterprise address, contact person, contact personí»s phone number and email
Required qualifications for the importer in China: import right, food/alcohol circulation permit
The registration numbers are basic info for CIQ declaration of the shipment.

Chinese Label registration  
For beer that an importer imports for the first time, Chinese label registration must be completed, indicating Chinese name, raw and supplementary materials, country of origin, alcoholic strength.original wort concentration, production date, expiration date, storage method, importer info, net content.

Required documents from the shipper

Certificate of origin, health certificate, certificate analysis, production date certificate, sales contract, invoice, packing list, original labels and their Chinese translation.  

Import Customs Clearance Flow
Exchange document after shipment arrives
CIQ declaration
Declare to custom after obtain bill of entry from CIQ -1-3 working day
Make tax payment - 1 working day
Move to customs controlled warehouse for sample drawing
Customs clearance done
Wait for Chinese sanitary certificate before official sales in China

Tax Rates of Beer    
Import duty:0%
Value added tax: 13%
Consumption tax: RMB220-250/ton

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