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The Required Materials for Dangerous Chemicals China Imports

To import dangerous chemicals, the consignee or the China import agent shall declare commodity inspection at the inspection and quarantine organization of the governing customs batch by batch. The commodity name shall be declared according to the names listed Dangerous Chemicals Catalogue. Plus below written materials shall be submitted when declaring for commodity inspection.

1. Declaration of Compliance from the running enterprise of dangerous chemicals to be imported.
2. For products containing inhibitors or stabilizer, the name, quantity of the actual added  inhibitors or stabilizer shall be provided clearly and correctly
3. Chinese MSDS, Hazard Warning Label samples
4. And other materials that might be required at the actual operation process.

The packing of imported dangerous chemicals shall meet below requirements.
1. The packing method, category and specifications, unit quantity, and packing markings shall meet
 related regulations, and conform to the nature and usage of the declared cargo.
2. The packing method and packing use condition of the inspected cargo shall  conforms with the regulation.
3.The packing shall pasted with hazard  warning label, and come with Chinese MSDS.