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Second-Hand Moulds/Molds/Dies China Customs Clearance Services

China Customs Broker For Second-Hand Moulds/Dies/Molds
China import Agent Helps You Import Second-Hand Moulds/Molds/Dies to China
China Customs Broker: How to Import Second-hand Dies/moulds into China

Second hand mold China customs broker
Clear China Customs Agency for Second hand mold
China import agent for second hand mold

If you need a professional China import agent to help you import/export moulds to China, then look no further.  SeaHog, a well-trusted China customs broker, is right here and ready to provide you with professional China import Services.

We have helped thousand of China enterprises and overseas mould providers import moulds into China in our 16-year practice. Mould China import Customs Declaration is one of our strong points. We can provide lots of import cases for your reference.

We are China Customs Broker for the following moulds, but not limited to
Mould bases, hardware moulds, injection moulds, metal plate moulds, plastics moulds, press moulds, casting moulds, extrusion moulds, die-casting moulds, thread rolling moulds, automobile dies, powder metallurgy dies, absorbing-plastics molds
We can take all kinds of moulds/molds/dies importing project. We can provide a full set of China import services, including, document preparation, filing import record for second hand moulds, China customs clearance, disinfection, warehousing, transportation.

Import Method:
Europe/Japan/NorthAmerica/South Korea/Canada/South America - HongKong transit - Mainland warehousing - logistics distribution

Mold China import  Customs Declaration is much more complex than export declaration as it involves more declaration documents and procedures. A professional and experienced China import agent thus will be a big help. SeaHog help you import second-hand moulds/dies/molds into China with 16-year experience as a professional China Customs Broker.

To get quotation of mold China customs clearance
Place of origin, brand name, year of production, model, weight, specification, and goods value. specification

To clear China Customs for moulds, Pls provide:
Packing list, invoice, commercial contract, specification, photo of name plate, photo of the moulds, copy of the importerí»s business license, copy of the exporterí»s license.

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