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Qing Dynastic Historic Relics Imported Through Ningbo Port

On Sep 22, 2014, Ningbo Customs inspected a batch of special imported cargo - historical relic of Qing Dynasty. This was the first batch of historical relic that declared to and imported through Ningbo port in this year.

It is reported that, this batch of historical pieces was imported by a vintage furniture company in Qinzhou District of Ningbo from USA, totally 34 pieces, including Qing Dynasty Stone Lion, Qing Dynasty  stone-carving window plate, Qing Dynasty wooden carriage with copper parts, and Qing Dynasty stone-carving Buddha.

Mr. Zhang, the boss of the furniture company that imported these historical pieces, loves historic relic very much. He introduced that, he bought the historical pieces in USA by chance. The total value is around RMB200,000.

Mr Zhang said: Historic pieces are carriers of Chinese history and culture. They are treasures of Chinese people.the reason  he bought these historic pieces from overseas was that it was what he loves, and he wanted these outflow relics back to motherland.

He disclosed that he would enjoy and admire these relics with friends of same interest. They will be mainly for personnel collection. And he might donate some pieces.

Regarding the exit and entry of historic relics, Here comes some reminders from China customs:

 Law on the Protection of Culture Relics and relevant regulations and methods have prohibitory regulations on exit of relics. Expert export for exhibition or special need approved by the State Council, most historic relics are prohibited from exportation.

The historic pieces that are approved to exit by the State Countil shall go through the examination of historic relics exit and entry review organization department appointed by the administration department of the State council, obtain historic relics exit permit, and stamp with wax seals of historic exit identification.

The import of historic relics are allowed, but shall declare to customs legally and honestly.