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Export Honey to Guangzhou-Door to Door Sea Freight Customs Clearance One Stop Services

In recent years, Seahog Guangzhou have been helping clients import food products from Southeast Asia, Middle East, Eu, USA, Japan, Korea, and south America. SeaHog, with 11 office and over 400 employees, is an old China customs broker in handling food imports, providing professional China import customs clearance for food products, including Chinese label registration. Red wine, beer, olive oil, biscuits, chocolate, potato chips, candies, honey are just a small part the long list of imported food that we help to complete China customs clearance.

One of the most import step of importing food into China is to get the Chinese labels registered. If the Chinese labels are not up to standards, CIQ will urge the import or its agent to modify. Before the label registration, the consignee company in China shall register at the local CIQ. Basically, content of Chinese label for imported food include: name of the food, ingredient list, net weight, date of production, shelf life, preserve conditions, nutrition facts, the name, address and contact info of the importer.

Below are the required documents for customs clearance:
1.Sale contract, invoice, packing list,
2.Original labels, and Chinese translation of original labels
3.Health certificate(or Sanitary certificate, or certificate of free sales)
4.Certificate of original
5.Ingredient test report by third-party lab
6.Nutrition facts report by third-party lab
7.Packing Certificate by manufacturer
8. Production date certificate manufacturer

Main Steps and time frame of the import process:
1.Shipper and consignee registration + Chinese label registration - 3-15 days
2.Commodity inspection declaration - 3 working days
3.Customs declaration - 2 working days
4.Sampling test and obtain Chinese sanitary certificate: 10-15 working days

Some notes for food imports
Alcohols and Spirits - CIQ will check if it contain exceeding heavy metals, plus China customs will strictly examine the declared prices.  

Edible oils-very few quality problem spotted in customs clearance. It requires to provide Phytosanitary certificate .

Mineral water, fruit juice, and beverage - CIQ will check if the additives  meets GB standards, and if the goods contains exceeding microorganism, and if the goods are health-care/functional beverage. And import of mineral water shall provide certificate of water source.

Canned food: fruit/vegetable/plant cans food shall provide Phytosanitary certificate. Meat cans - the manufacturer shall have been registered at AQSIQ first.

Biscuits, Oatmeal, and puffed food- exceeding microorganism often found. And in spring, excessive water is often spotted in imported food of these kind

Chocolate: usually, CIQ will check the microorganism content.