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Shanghai preserved fruit Import Customs Clearance Costs and Operation Flow and Door to Door Services

SeaHog International Logistics Co., Ltd: One Headquarter, 10 branches, over 400 employees, 40 senior international purchase consultants, eight logistics warehouse
Main Service Sections: Used Machines and Second-hand imports and China customs clearance, Commodity Inspection Declaration and Customs Declaration.
We provide door to door import sea freight and China import customs clearance one-stop services for imported food

Seahogí»s imported food projects:
Snack food: candies, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, cakes, cookies, dry fruit, preserve fruit, perserved fruitúČ nuts, puffed food,
Beverage: fruit juice, vegetable juice, purified water, mineral water, carbonized beverage, tea drinks, coffee
Edible oil and seasonings: olive oil, coconut oil, noodles, canned food, all kinds of seasonings
 Mommy and Baby Products: milk powder, dietary supplement

Required documents for commodity inspection
1.Original labels, Chinese translation of original labels
2.Chinese labels
3.Certificate of origin
4.Health certificate or certificate of free sales
5.Packing certificate
6.Production date certificate
7.Ingredient test report
8.Nutrition facts test report
9.Photocopy of business license of the importer
Materials needed for customs declaration include:sales contract, invoice, packing list, bill of lading.

Commodity Inspection goes first to obtain entry bill, customs declaration follows then. Customs issue taxes bill, importer pays taxes, customs release cargo, CIQ do quarantine, inspection and draw samples for testing. The shipment can be picked up and moved to the importerí»s own warehouse afterwards, but can not be sold in the market until the samples pass test, and the Chinese labels are approved and registered. It takes about one month to get test and Chinese label registration done. And at the end, CIQ will issue Chinese Sanitary Certificate(official name: Quarantine and Inspection Certificate for Entry Cargo), with which the goods can be sold in China 100% legally.