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Fresh Flower Guangzhou Airport Customs Clearance

Seahog provides very fast customs clearance for various fresh flowers (for example, succulent plants from Korea, Preserved Fresh Flower from Japan and Columbia, Tulip from Netherland) imported from different countries in Guangzhou airport.

How long it takes to get customs clearance done for imported fresh flower in Guangzhou airport
-    one day, if all required documents are correctly prepared.

What documents are required for Customs Clearance in Guangzhou airport for fresh flowers
-    certificate of origin,
-    photysanitary certificate
-    packing list, invoice, sales contract
-    airway bill copy

Notes for importation of fresh flowers
-  the soil shall be removed
-  the rhizome shall be removed
-  the flower and plant can not come with many wormholes

The import flow of fresh flower
Arrange air freight examine documents in advance  declarations in Guangzhou airport instant inspection   

We also act as customs broker in Guangzhou airport for fresh fruit and sea food. Welcome to send us inquiry emails.