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Wenzhou Port Imported USA Beer for the First Time

Wenzhou Exit & Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau disclosed that 7.4 ton imported craft beer from USA passed relevant inspection and quarantine on November 12, 2015. The importer enterprise has put them into market. This was the first time Wenzhou ported imports USA beer. It is reported that before Wenzhou beer import expanded from EU countries to USA, the beer import quantity and amount had surpassed those of grape wine.

The 7.4 ton beer, with a total value of 27000 US dollars,  are from four UAS beer companies, and totally 14 varieties are involved, including Indian Ire Beer, Stout Beer, and Porter Beer. Now they are available in the domestic market including Wenzhou.   

According to Wenzhou Exit & Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, previously Wenzhou ports imported beer was mainly from EU traditional beer production countries like Germany and Netherland. Since this year, Wenzhou importer has expanded beer import market. They tried Italy, Czech, and Luxembourg, and recently they hit USA.

Due the huge demand, Wenzhou beer import has kept rapid increase since last year, far exceeding grape wine at present. The market demand for imported beer will be further exploited while the enterprises are expanding the import places to USA and other countries and regions outside EU.

The USA beer imported this time are mainly niche brands and will be mainly sold in bars. The materials indicate that USA beer culture has been highly praising hand craft brewing and protection on local characteristics.   hand craft brewing  lays emphasis on the blend of malt flavor and hops , madking beer taste rich of layers. Different brewing brewing techniques and processing flows bring diverse tastes and rich varieties to USA, which is world-famous.

Wenzhou Exit & Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau thinks that the import of USA beer can enrich the beer varieties available in Wenzhen market, providing more choices for consumers,  and will  promote the development of high-end beer market and thus furhter stimulate market demand for imported beer.