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Customs Broker For Imported Carpets/Rugs in Guangzhou

Seahog, the leading China customs broker, provides fast customs clearance for imported carpets from Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and India in Tianjin, Chengdu airport, Kunming airport, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Our highly experienced team is able to handle your carpet shipment expertly, efficiently, and timely.

How far we can get the customs clearance done?
-2-3 working days if the required documents are correctly prepared and China customs has no doubts about the declared prices

What documents are required for carpets customs clearance in China?
-invoice, packing list, sales contract and bill of lading

The HS code and Tax rate:
Import duty: 10-16%, depending the HS code.
VAT value added tax : 17%
Depending on the material used and the woven method, the hs codes of carpets are different.

What else we offer:
We offer trucking and warehouse across China, and we also provide import title and import right for individual importation or foreign export that has no consignee company in China. We also help to check if the prices are up to customs standard and provide reference prices we collect from shipments we handled before.

We handle all types of carpets and rugs, hand made and machine woven , silk carpets, woolen carpets, kilms, and carpets made of other materials, imported from the traditional carpet making countries like Iran, India, Pakistan and Turkey. Photoed are part of carpets we handled.

We know and understand how frustrating the importation will be and how it will be costly to your business if the customs clearance in China is not handled well. Seahog can answer your questions regarding the importation before shipment and  provide you with cost effective solutions. Welcome to send us inquiry, we are ready to give you a smooth customs clearance in China