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Fruit Juice Beverage Guangzhou Customs Clearance Services, Procedures and Costs

Key Data of Seahog Logistics
Over 15 year operation experience,
An import logistics team of 350 employees, and growing
40,000 + import customs clearance cases
Import logistics solution provided within half an hour

What Seahog Offers for Imported Food
-Shipper and consignee registration
-Pick up in place of dispatch
-Sea/air freight to China
-customs declaration and customs clearance in China
-Chinese label registration
-Sampling test
-Chinese sanitary certificate
-import right/title for clients that do not hold import right/title in mainland Chian

You can contact Seahog to know about below things for free
-    What documents are required?
-    How the importation processes go?
-    HS code location
-    Tax rates

So what aspects an food importer shall pay attention to? How preparation job shall be done before importation? Many import purchasers want to join import food market but do not know how to enter. Seahog has been undertaking customs clearance in China for imported food since 1997 and has handled thousands of imported food shipments. Here we shall the import operation procedures and documentation requirements with import purchasers.

The importer shall registered a company in China and obtain food circulation permit and import and export right to facilitate the importation later on. But even if you do not hold the food circulation permit and import right, that wont be a problem, as we can lend you ours to do import declaration.

Before food importation, the shipper, manufacturer and consignee should be registered at CIQ. The registration only requires for first time import

Based on the actual details of the food shipment, the shipper shall prepare relevant docs. Usually, certificate of origin, packing list, invoice, sales contract, health certificate, production date certificate, certificate of analysis, nutrition fact list, original labels and their Chinese translation are required.

After receiving scan copy of the required docs, we, as the customs broker in China, needs to check and review to correct mistakes.

When the docs are confirmed complete and accurate, the shipper can proceed to arrange shipping without worries. After shipment arrival, we go to exchange document, declare commodity inspection and declare customs, which will take around 5-7 working days. When customs releases the shipment after receiving tax payment, the imported food shall be moved to customs controlled warehouse for sampling drawing. It takes about seven working days to get sample test done, and 7 more to get the Chinese sanitary certificate. The imported goods can not be moved until the Chinese sanitary certificate is produced.

Above is the whole import flow of food importation. Seahog Logistics, expert customs broker in China for imported food customs declaration, customs clearance in China, door too door logistics provider for global imported food. Welcome to contact us for inquiry.