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What to Do If Your DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT/EMS/SF/OCS Courier Parcelto China is Stuck?

Seahog Logistics professionally handle China customs clearance for stuck/caught DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT packages or other international courier packages- for example SF packages, OCS    packages, EMS packages, in Guangzhou airport, Shenzhen airport, Beijing airport, and Shanghai airport.  Plus, we provide import title/import right for individual clients or companies does not hold import and export rights.

How long it takes us to get the customs clearance done?
- 2-3 working days

How the customs clearance process goes
1. Locate HS code for each items and  check the supervision conditions- for example, if 3C certificate or MSDS required, if the legal inspection certificate are required
2. Sort out declaration elements such as brand, model, materials and so on. - it is very important to provide accurate information, otherwise it may lead to re-declarations.
3. Prepare require docs
4. Formal declarations, pay taxes, and customs release
5. Delivery

Our China customs clearance  services are available for for all type of commodities and samples, such as clothing, fabrics, household items,m,  chemicals, e-liquid, e-liquid concentrate, personal effects, fresh fruit, fresh flowers , dry flowers, and human hair, wooden sculpture, carpets, scarves, golf products, machine spare parts, auto spare parts, computer parts, hardware, cellphone parts, precise instruments, machine tools, mechanical and electronic products and samples made of different materials, fabrics, clothing, garments, and many others.

Seahog Logistics - Expert Customs Broker in China for Stuck International Courier packages. Welcome to send us inquiry. We guarantee fast handling, 100% success rate, and reasonable prices.

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