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Customs Broker for UPS/Fedex/DHL/TNT parcels Stuck in Shanghai Pudong Airport

Contact us if your courier package/parcel to China are caught by China customs and are stuck in Shanghai pudong airport. Because in this case what you need is a a professional China customs broker that also holds import and export right.

We provide professional customs declarations and fast customs clearance services in Shanghai airport for stuck packages/parcels by air and international couriers like TNT, UPS, Fedex, DHL and EMS, SF, OCS. We handle stuck parcels and caught packages regularly and have rich experience and very good reputation in this field. Our services are open for enterprises and companies in and outside China, and individuals, and are available for all types of products -as long as they are not banned from import.

Who we are and what are our advantages 
-well trusted since 1997
-fast clearing within 1-3 days
-competitive pricing
-an expert team of senior customs declarers
-familiar with documentation and regulations
-we help prepare required docs
-provide import title for clients that do not hold import right

The customs clearance procedures for stuck courier package/parcels 
1. Provide the tracking number/courier waybill and the invoice to us
2.We help to locate the HS code, check the relevant supervision conditions, sort out declaration elements, and prepare required docs
3.commodity inspection declaration
4.Customs declaration
5.Customs issue tax bills after checking documents
6.Pay taxes to customs
8.Customs release

What we handle:
Imported all types of  samples, fabrics, clothing, household items, cellphone parts, computer parts/products, machine and equipment, instruments, auto parts, electronic products,  personal effects, fitness equipment, boxing equipment, e-liquid, plastic sample, product brochures, leather goods, bed sheet, scarves, Hard disk, exhibition items, and many other type products.

Welcome to send us inquiries if your courier packages/parcels are stuck/caught by China customs. We will be able to help you out as quick as you expect, and same importantly, at reasonable rates.  Plus our services are also available in Beijing airport, Guangzhou airport , and Shenzhen airport.

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