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How to Handle Customs Clearance Procedures in Guangzhou for Banana chips

What are the import rates for banana chips? What documents are required for customs clearance of banana chips in China. How the import flow goes like? We, as a China customs agent, is going to reply as below: 

The hs code for banana chips is 2008999000, with 5% import duty, and 13% value added tax.

The exporter of banana chips shall provide below documents for customs clearance in China.
-Certificate of original ,official issued, original copy
- health certificate, official issued, original copy
- nutrition fact analysis certificate, issued by manufacturer, with manufacturer¡¯s signature and stamp,
- production date certificate, ssued by manufacturer, with manufacturer¡¯s signature and stamp
- packing list, with manufacturer¡¯s signature and stamp
- invoice, with manufacturer¡¯s signature and stamp
- sales contract, with manufacturer¡¯s signature and stamp
- bill of lading
- original labels and their Chinese translation  

The basic import flow
1.Prepare goods and required documentation.
2.Arrange shipping
3.Exchange DO after shipment arrival
4.Move container to customs controlled warehouse
5.Declare to CIQ for bill of entry, get Chinese label registered, paste Chinese labels, do inspection, draw samples for testing
6.Declare to customs, pay taxed based on tax bills
7.Customs release.

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