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Guangzhou Airport Customs Clearance Support for Imported Solar Modules

solar modules
Seahogs Guangzhou customs agent team recently helped clear a DHL parcel containing a solar module shipped from Saudi Arabia at Guangzhou airport. The customs clearance was completed on the same day the parcel arrived at the Guangzhou port because Seahog Guangzhou team get everything ready in advance.  As pictured you can see the relevant China import customs declaration sheet for the solar module. 

China import customs declaration sheet for solar modules

The required documents to get solar modules cleared in China are quite simple, nothing special, including, including packing list, invoice, contract, sea/air waybill. The consignee in China shall have import right. But it wont be a problem if the Chinese consignee does not have import right because Seahog Logistics can lend them their own import title. 

What preparations shall be done before proceeding the customs clearance in China for Solar modules ? 

1.First of all, check if the modules can be imported or not. There are many different types of solar modules. Some used modules are banned from being imported into China.

2.Locate the correct Chinese HS code for the solar modules.

3.Confirm the quantity, weight and dimensions with the supplier

4.The details on the relevant documents shall be consistent with the goods

5.If the packing is made of solid wood, fumigation must be carried on.