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Customs Clearance Assistance Services for Import Rose Quartz in Guangzhou

Unloading of rose quartz
Seahog¡¯s Guangzhou customs agency team recently helped clear a shipment with 55700 kg rose quartz originated Tanzania at Nansha port of Guangzhou. All the import customs clearance procedures were completed in just one day. And the delivery was arranged by Seahog Guangzhou soon after the clearance is done. Here we share the China Customs Declaration Sheet for the Imported Rose Quartz and the unloading picture at the final destiantion. 
China customs declaration sheet for import rose quartz
China Import Customs Clearance for Rose Quartz - the Basic Flow 
1.Contact a China customs broker like Seahog Logistics in advance and make clear the China national standards for imported Rose Quartz 
2.Prepare the required documents, including invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, and test report and present to the China customs agency company like Seahog Logistics to check if they are good. 
3.Make declarations to China customs
4.China custom executes the inspection on the imported rose quartz
5.Arrange tax payment to China customs
6.Make delivery to the final destination by local truck  

Related Reading£ºRose Quartz , with fragile texture, is a type of quartz stone. It looks pink as it contains a small amout of titanium. The pure rose quartz can let ultraviolet ray, visible ray and infrared ray within certain wave length coverage pass and is optically active, piezoelectric and electrostrictive in nature. The transparency of rose quartz varies from opaque, translucent to transparent.