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How to Handle the Import Customs Clearance for Imported Steam Coal?

Steam coal refers to the coad that is used as power raw material. In a narrow sense,  it refers to the coal applied in thermal power generation. Broadly speaking, coal that is used to produce powder, for example the coal to generate power, to drive vehicle , to fire boiler, is all steam coal. 
steam coal
Seahog Logisticsí» Guangzhou customs clearance agent team cleared a shipment with steam coal at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport recently. The steam coal, just one bag, was originated in and shipper from Zimbabwe, and arrived at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport on Dec 21, 2023. Seahog Guangzhou started the customs declarations on the next day and concluded all procedures within two days. Here we present the relevant China customs declaration sheet of the steam coal.  
China customs declaration sheet for imported steam coal
Steam coal is a variety of cold. The classification of coal is based on three indexes, including volatiles, calorific value and light transmittance.
Imported coal from Australia and Indonesia enjoys conventional duty 0%, while coal originated in Mongolia, Russia, and Canada shall be collected most favoured nation tariff 3-6%. And the coal from USA will be collected the additional tariff 5%. 

The main inspection and quarantine that China customs will execute on imported coal include radioactivity test, inspection and quarantine on foreign inclusions and weight identification. Commodity coal that is judged as qualified pursuant to the mandatory requirements of the national technical specifications by the inspection results can be granted to import, to sell and use within the declared shipping distance. Otherwise, it can be imported, sold, and long-distance transported.