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Proper and Prompt HongKong to China Customs Brokerage Services

HongKong to China Customs Brokerage is  of our founding businesses and our core expertise.Every month, Seahog helps to clear customs for cargoes that enter mainland China from HongKong - food stuff, beer, red wine, olive oil, cosmetics, machines, spare parts, and etc - You know many global buyers make HongKong the big warehouse. Since seahog has office and warehouse in HongKong and Shenzhen plus 16-year practice,  Seahog can process Hong Kong customs clearance properly and promptly.

We can assure you that choosing the right China customs broker can mean the difference between profit and loss. Between compliance and noncompliance. Between your cargo being released and delivered on-time and chronic delays. For Seahog , China Customs Brokerage is more than filing paperwork. Its managing a professional program of documentation and data down to the finest detail. That means no devils for our clients.

Tell us how we can improve your Hong Kong to China import program.
Free Hong Kong to China  import program analysis
Customs clearance, documentation and delivery services
Document management and electronic document retention
Consulting: compliance, staff education and training,
Post-entry services and reconciliation
Custom reporting and data management

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SeaHog provides a full set of Hong Kong to China Customs Clearance Services. We will assist you to prepare required documents. Once it is done, all you need to do is wait for our instant updates of the process. We can do delivery to the door and make invoice locally. With our expertise, you save time and mony, and you win the market.