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Fast China customs clearance for Importing Food & Beverage From HongKong

Many global buyers stored food & beverage in HongKong or make HongKong their distribution transmit center. And Mainland market is a big cake they would regret if they do not fight for it. Since Chinese government has strict supervision over the food  import, the import process is more complex and involves more procedures than other imports. In this case, a professional China import agent will be of great help to import food and beverage into China.

About SeaHog
Seahog has always been a leader in China customs brokerage, providing easy and fast China customs clearance throughout all China cities through our expertise skills and experience.

Customs Clearance Services
-Registration of consignee at  Customs of the destination China city
-Consultations in all questions regarding China customs clearance
       -Support by determination of HS customs codes
       -Preliminary calculation of customs duties and taxes for import and export shipments
       -Preliminary preparation of customs documentation to reduce the time for customs clearance and storage period at temporary bonded warehouse
       -Assistance in preparation of customs documentation
-Completion of customs declaration
-Services of customs broker
       -Processing of all procedures required for China customs clearance of goods
       -Assistance by receiving of all necessary certificates and licenses
-Delivery of customs cleared goods to warehouse of consignee

Leader in Customs Clearance
At Seahog we actively seek ways to be of service to our customers, anticipating their needs even before they do. This customer focused philosophy has established us as a leader in customs clearance.

In 1997, Seahog got started in Shanghai and made this amazing cities its headquarter. In 2013, Seahog branch was set up. Today, Seahog are proud to have 10 branches and become the largest China import services in this country. We also have the ability to incorporate history order into a system so as to build a huge data base for future reference. Up to date, Seahog has accumulated thousands of China customs clearance cases involving food imports, chemicals imports, timber imports, machine & equipment import, cosmetics imports, and other product imports. In the past 16 years, Seahog spares effort to increase the  efficiency and accuracy on China Customs broker practicing.  And that is exactly why we can be the leader in this fiercely competitive occupation.

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