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Perfume Europe to China Door to Door Import Solutions

SeaHog Global Shipping & Logistics provides  door to door logistics and customs clearance services for global bulk cargoes, small batch cargoes that to be imported into China to test water or explore the huge China markets.

In USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong  and other regions, Seahog is able to provide timely and professional packing, pick up services and arrange sea freight, air freight , export and import customs clearance, China local warehouse and logistics services.

Food import customs clearance(for example red wine, champagne, beer, milk power, ), Interior Decorations Door to Door import services,  small batch perfume,shampoo, bath gel, cosmetics door to door China imports, luxury items China import services,  luggage & bulk cargoes global to China logistics, Exhibits China customs clearance , international Electrical Engineering  Equipment logistics.

Leading the China Import Logistics
Seahog  is a leading and one of the best-trusted China customs agent Companies, , providing a wide range of China import agent services including logistics agent, warehousing, China Customs brokerage, freight forwarding, and integrated China import solutions.

Seahog set up in 1997 and based in Shanghai and hold 10 branch offices, respectively located in Tianjin,Shenzhen, Guangzhou,Hong Kong,Qingdao,Ningbo,Suzhou,Chengdu,Xiamen,and Dongguan.With this huge network services,Seahog offer comprehensive import services throughout China,more than 300 employees can create global to China supply chain solutions for companies of all sizes and individuals that plan to ship to China.

Our teams of professionals have experience in every procedure related to China import logistics and China customs clearance,serve a wide range of business sectors from specialty retail to manufacturing,and specialize in helping import food & drinks,machines,wood & timber,chemicals & cosmetics,instrument and spare parts,return cargoes,personal effects and many other goods.

Key Statistics
One headquarter + 10 branches = a huge China import logistics network
16 year experience + thousands of successful cases = experience + reliability
300+ professional employees and growing

Provides complete China import services including:
Import Duties & Taxes
Documents Preparation
Import Permits
Customs Declaration & Customs Clearance
Warehousing & Logistics
Airport Customs Clearance
Personal Customs Clearance

Contact: Ms Mabel Email: , Phone86-13760700701, Skype: rosehill-yh, WeChat: 308704459

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