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Small Quantity China Imports - How to Avoid Taxes Reasonably

On July 1,2010, Customs issued new regulations to restandardize import, which affected Hong Kong Express Import a lot as rising costs and slow clearance speed followed the new regulations. Yet, compared with general trade, Hong Kong Express still holds its own advantages on small quantity imports ( dozens of kgs to several tons ). Using Hong Kong unique geographical advantages, Seahog has developed mature import channels for Hong Kong - China  logistics and customs clearance.

We believe that many people try to direct mail  cosmetics, milk powder, red wine, food, health-care product personal effects or other stuff  or ship the mentioned goods to China by air freight, but ended up being seized by Customs and being forced to complete required import procedures and pay import duty and value added tax. And sometimes, you could not get the seized cargoes out because of lack of import permit or qualification, and the required documents.

How to import small quantity  ( dozens of kgs to several tons )  cosmetics, milk powder, red wine, food, health-care product personal effects or other stuff while avoiding taxes reasonably and customs detention? Well Hong Kong - China transmit import is the answer to this questions.

Advantages of Hong Kong - China transmit import:
1. Hong Kong is a free trade zone, no need to pay import taxes (except large quantity cigarette and sprits). Plus certain free-storage storage time is available in Hong Kong dock and airport.
2. Simple procedures - We can arrange customs declaration and clearance immediately cargoes arrive at our Hong Kong warehouse.
3. Fast customs clearance - normally, it takes around three working days to get customs cleared.
4. Low costs - charge by KGS, covering all costs from Hong Kong to China
5. Secured -  standard customs declaration procedures, safe and hassle free.  

Hong Kong - China Import, SeaHog gives best prices and services you want! Our experience and expertise ensure you cargo safely and fastly cleared and helps you bring goods to China efficiently at low costs.

Seahog Frequently help clients import health-care products, milk powder, food stuff, red wed, chocolate, red wine, cosmetics, champagne, and many other goods.
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