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How to Import Sample Shipments from Hong Kong into Mainland China Efficiently ?

Many people try to ship cosmetics samples, milk powder samples, red wine samples , olive oil samples, honey samples, chocolate samples, accessories, health care product samples, dental tools, and many other types of samples by international courier or by air cargoes , hoping get them imported directly into China, but only ending up being seized by China Customs and being  required to do formal customs clearance in China  and pay import duty and value added tax. But sometimes, some people could not get the seized cargoes because of lack of import permit or qualification, and the required documents(such as CCC certificate, certificate of origin, health certificate, nutrition facts test report ).

In above mentioned case, Hong Kong to China Solution is a nice alternative.
1.Hong Kong is a free trade port, import taxes are not requied(except cigarette and spirits).
2.No documentation requirement. What your need to provide is the commodity name, quantity by carton, by weight and by cubic meter, and the total shipment value. And it is suggested to provide basic description and photos of the goods,  
3.Simplified procedures. No need to follow that complex customs clearance procedures required when you ship directly into mainland China. We can arrange getting the goods imported into mainland China immediately the shipment reaches our HK warehouse.
4. Fast Handling Speed- normally, it takes around three working days to get customs cleared.
5.charge by KGS, covering all costs from  our Hong Kong Warehouse  to Our Shenzhen warehouse
6.Secured , safe and hassle free.  

On July 1,2010, Customs issued new regulations to standardize importation, which influenced Hong  Hong Kong into Mainland China  as rising costs and slow clearance speed followed the new regulations. Yet, compared with general trade, Hong Kong Express still holds its own advantages, specially when it comes to sample importation, and small quantity importation- from  dozens of kgs to several tons .  Using Hong Kong unique geographical advantages and our own large import service network, Seahog has developed mature import channels and facilities for Hong Kong - China Importation.   

How to import small quantity  ( dozens of kgs to several tons )  cosmetics, milk powder, red wine, food, health-care product,  and other commodities into mainland China simply and easily?  Well Hong Kong - China transmit import is the answer to this question. SeaHog guarantees competitive prices and smooth handling with  experience and expertise and mature import resources.

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