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How to Handle Customs Clearance For Coffee and Coffee Beans in Guangzhou?

Seahog Logistics, expert customs clearance agent in China , provides reliable customs clearance  and relevant logistics for coffee and coffee beans in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao and Tianjin. We have 20 years experience in this field, and our experience has been translated into an expertise fast and smooth operation.

Our China customs clearance services for imported coffee and coffer bean include: customs declaration, commodity inspection declaration, Chinese Label design,registration, printing and pasting, shipper and consignee registration at CIQ, s, inspection support, sample test agent, obtaining Chinese sanitary certificate, documentation preparation assistance, and providing import right and title for companies and individuals that do not have import right. And we can also sea freight, warehouse and local delivery for clients.

The General Operation Flow
shipper and consignee registration at CIQ Chinese Label design Shipment Arrival document exchange commodity inspection declaration customs declaration China customs verifies declared prices and issues tax bills pay taxes    inspections Sampling test meanwhile, get Chinese label registered, printed and pasted obtain Chinese sanitary official sales in mainland China. Roughly, it takes one month to complete all the procedures.

The documentation requirements
certificate of origin, health certificate, test report, production date certificate, original labels and their translation, process flow chart certificate, phytosanitary certificate(for bean), sales contract, invoice, and packing list, bill of lading.  

The tax rate: import duty 15%, value added tax 17%

We China customs broker services are available for a wide range of food and beverage, including but not limited to  milk powder, puree, milk products, complementary food, dried figs, pistachio nuts,ed wine, honey, beer, fruit juice, coffee, olive oil,biscuits, chocolate, candies and many others  

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