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Export Beverage to Shanghai - Customs Clearance Guide

Beverage Import Customs Clearance in Shanghai, Seahog - professional handle the import customs declaration for imported food. We have engaged in China import customs clearance for years, and thus have rich operation experience.

Our services include: customs declaration, CIQ declaration, customs clearance, Chinese label making and CIQ filing, sample test, inspection and quarantine coordination, logistics, warehouse, and delivery services.

Required documents for import customs clearance of beverage in Shanghai include official certificate of origin, health certificate, ingredient list, ingredient test report, original labels, Chinese translation of original labels, invoice, sales contract, packing list.

The main steps of import customs clearance ¡ú arrange shipping ¡ú prepare required documents¡ú shipment arrival¡ú CIQ declaration¡ú customs declaration¡ú pay taxes ¡ú customs release cargo ¡ú CIQ sampling test ¡ú  CIQ issue sanitary certificate

As AA China customs broker that holds import and export right, Seahog focuses on providing professional import customs clearance for clients that plan to get a bite of China market.  

Our services in available for imported fruit juice, beverage, tea drinks, red wine, grade wine, beer, mineral water, biscuit, potato chips, dry fruit, Ketchup, chilli paste, fruit jam, soybean sauce, coffee, coffee bean, food materials, food additives, milk, oil oil, chocolate, tea leaf, candy, and many other food products.