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Shanghai Port Destroyed 69000+ Pieces of Unqualified Clothing, H&M and ESPRIT Got Involved

On March.09, 2015, Shanghai CIQ destroyed over 69000 pieces of unqualified clothing and artificial ornaments worth 550,000 US dollars. Not a few international well-known brands were involved including H&M, ESPRIT, and AMERICAN EAGLE .

According to statistics of Shanghai CIQ, Shanghai port totally accepted and handled 47000+ batches of inspection declaration of imported clothing worth 760 million, accounting for 66% of national total importing clothing that shall accept legal inspection. Sampling inspection was conducted on 17,000 batches, and 1334 batches were found qualified. The disqualification rate of sampling inspection was 7.6%. Therein imported baby & infant clothing and artificial ornaments came with higher quality and safety risks. The place of origin of the relevant products mainly included Bangladesh , India and Italy

It was introduced the relevant quality and safety problem of the above mentioned unqualified clothing included substandard color fastness and serious ph value. Direct skin contact with these unqualified clothing may cause pruritus, allergy, and dermatitis