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Shenzhen Port: 900+ Unqualified Imported Food Seized in 2014

Wine, aquatic products, beverage, nuts, biscuits, cakes and many other food products imported through Shenzhen ports keep increasing sharply. The hidden quality and safety risks can not be ignored. Since end of 2014, CIQ have successively seized 38 unqualified imported food samples , involving red wines, beverage, nuts, biscuits, aquatic products, and some pot foods. The main unqualified reason was about exceeding additives, heavy metals, and microorganism contained in the food.

In fact, since 2014, the disqualification of imported food through Shenzhen port has been quite common. From January to November 2014, the unqualified imported food samples found by CIQ via tests exceeded 900 varieties.

Shenzhen CIQ does strict check on imported food, destroys or returns unqualified food, so as to prevent unqualified food flow into market. Shenzhen CIQ reminds consumers that food imported into China through legal channel shall be pasted Chinese label that meets the requirements of GB7718-2011 General Rules for Labels of Pre-packing Food.