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How a Shanghai Customs Broker Gets Aromatherapy Products Cleared at PVG Airports£¿

Since China's reform and opening-up, aromatherapy has been gradually popularized in many cities, along with the increasing prosperity of people's material life. The most popular aromatherapy methods include aromatherapy beauty, aromatherapy treatments and household aromatherapy. Imported aromatherapy products are also sought after by Chinese people.

Our Shanghai customs broker team recently helped clear and import a shipment from France with various aromatherapy products at Shanghai Pudong Airport(PVG). We share the relevant The Import Customs Declaration Sheet and the product pictures. This shipment involved 29 different varieties of aromatherapy products. It took our team some time to sort out the relevant info before declarations to ensure a smooth customs clearance. Based on this case, we would like to share the basic flow of the importation of aromatherapy products. 

1.check the entry access
2.Check if the import qualifications for medicinal materials to confirm the port of entry.
3.Send the required documents to the China customs broker for review to ensure a smooth customs clearance in China.
4.The shipper prepares the goods, makes the booking and do export customs clearance.
5.The China customs agent exchanges D/O, declares to CIQ and customs,helps settle the import tax payment
6.Arrange delivery after the customs inspection.