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Shenzhen Wenjindu Port Intercepted and Seized an Unapproved New Food Material in An Import Shipment

Recently, CIQ of Shenzhen Wenjindu found that a batch of imported canned food from Malaysia contained a new food material called palm sugar which had not yet approved by our countrys  health administration. According to the provided processing flow, the palm sugar is obtained after palm fruits are heated and  evaporated water, which  does not meet our national standards of edible sugars. In addition, our country do no have traditional eating habits of this sugar. Therefore, the palm sugar was concluded as a new food material. This shipment involved 353 cartons, weighted 791.5 KGS, with a value of 3773 US dollars. CIQ of Wenjindu has ordered to return this shipment.

In accordance with Safety Examination Management Methods on New Food Materials which came to effect on Oct.1,2013, new food materials refer to below items that our country have no traditional eating habits:

Animals, plants, and microorganism
components separated from animals, plants, and microorganism
Food components whose original structure has changed
Other new-developed food materials.

Traditional eating habits refers to one certain food has over 30-year production and operation history as ac packed or unpacked food in province jurisdictions, and it is not written into PRC Pharmacopeia. New food materials shall pass the safety examinations by national health administration before being put into production and operation.