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More and More Food Products Imported Via Ningbo Port - 880 Ton Milk Power was Imported In the First 11 Months

Imported food is more and more popular in Ningbo. Therein, imported milk powered is particularly sought after by consumers. The milk powder imported via Ningbo ports in the first eleven months of 2014 can be stacked up to a hill.

Seahog, the well-known China customs clearance agent, learns from Ningbo customs that, from January to November, Ningbo port totally imported 884.4 tons of milk powder, up by 250%, year on year. The total value reached 85.2 million RMB, soared by 350%.

It is reported that, the national standard on imported milk powder is increasingly tight, and not a few Ningbo enterprises that do preparation in advance tastes the good Mr Jiang,  deputy chief of division 1 of food section of Ningbo CIQ, said: ¡°according to the Announcement on Strengthening Management of Imported Baby & Infant Formula Milk Powder¡± by AQSIQ, from April 1, Chinese label of imported baby infant formula milk powder shall be printed and pasted onto the package of the smallest selling unit before entry. The domestic label pasting is prohibited. This single regulation has greatly reduced foreign milk powder brand quantity in domestic market. And foreign milk powders that do overseas OEM will disappear gradually. In addition, from May 1, milk powder produced by the overseas manufacturers that have not registered at AQSIQ is not allowed to import. And overseas enterprises that fail to meet China standards will be refused to enter China market.¡± The implementation of the two regulations works as a source control for our country¡¯s supervision over imported milk powder. By doing valuation on the materials, production, storage, transportation and management, and test ability, the two regulations aim to ensure the quality and safety of imported milk powder. ¡°At present, milk powders that enter domestic market are foreign milk powder produced by big overseas enterprises. ¡±

The person in charge of Golden Koala International Trading CO., LTD,  says:¡± Genuine brand will have more market space when fake brands are banned from import. Our company reached agreement with Australia manufacturer before the implementation of new regulations, and we passed the examination by AQSIQ soon afterwards. The new regulations thus in fact bring us good. ¡±

Except milk powder, other imported food products also present big increase, which brings richer choices for Ningbo consumers.

According to customs data, in the first eleven months, Ningbo port imported 88.4 ton natural honey, up by 32%,  and imported 8,952,000 liter beer, increased by 1.2 times ; 5406 ton colza oil and  mustard oil,soared by  41.1 times; 12000 tons of fresh and dry fruits and nuts, up by  37.4%. 5229 tons of meats and chop soey, increase by 7.4 tons; 250.2 tons of tea, increase by 1.2 times.

Along with the successive opening of  the direct sales center of imported goods, categories and varieties of imported commodities sold online keep enriching, and the sales network of imported goods is improving gradually, which pulls the big increase of imported food via Ningbo port.