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Shenzhen Port: USA Chips with Exceeding Colorant Were Returned

Recently, a batch of chips from USA was imported through Shenzhen Wenjindu port. Shenzhen Wenjindu CIQ did sampling test on it. And the test result show that, one of the chip varieties contained colorant lemon yellow 208mg/kg and  sunset yellow 81.1mg/kg

In this case, lemon yellow and sunset yellow were mixed and used in the chips. And the sum of their proportion  to their maximum usage is greater than 1, which exceeded the limited requirements of  hygiene standards for use of food additives. Wenjindu CIQ had reported risk  early warning and returned these unqualified chips

According to  the relevant our countrys hygiene standards for use of food additives, lemon yellow and sunset yellow can be used in fruit juice, beverage, sparkling drinks, compound wines, candies, and puffed food, but the standards have very strict limitation over their use amount.
When people consume food containing sunset yellow, lemon yellow and other  pigments for a long time or consume too much at a time, certain hurts will be brought to kidney and liver .