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Imported Clothing with Unqualified Organic Marks Intercepted by Shenzhen Ports

On Feb.12, officers of Shenzhen CIQ did on-field inspection on a batch of clothing imported through Wenjindu port, and found that the labels marked ¡°100% Organic Cotton¡±. However, the importer could not provide authentication certificate of organic product, sales certificate of organic products, certification mark, product mark and other relevant certification materials, which meaned the clothing had not obtained our country¡¯s organic product certification. According the new certification and management methods for organic products, products that have not yet obtained our country¡¯s organic product certification shall not mark¡±Organic¡± on their package, their smallest selling unit package, and their labels, and shall not have any descriptions or patterns that may mislead consumers and make them think they are organic products. Shenzhen CIQ judged the involving clothing unqualified, and informed enterprise modify the labels, and required that the clothing shall not be sold or used before completion of modification. This was  the first time that Shenzhen ports intercepted and captured unqualified organic textile products since the implementation of new certification and management methods for organic products on April 1, 2014.

Organic products are products that are produced and processed based on the principles of organic agriculture and production pattern of organic products, and that consumed by human, eaten by animals while meeting standards of organic products. In recent years, with the renewal of people¡¯s consumption concepts, organic products with natural and environment-friendly concepts are becoming a consumption hotspots. When buying organic products, consumers can check if the product label and package are marked with ¡°organic¡±, or obtain the photocopy of relevant China organic product  authentication certificate  and the sale certificate of organic products from the seller to ensure the consistency between the products and the documents .