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Customs Clearance Services For Imported Beer at Shenzhen Port

With years of actual operation experience in China import customs clearance, Seahog provides clients with best solution for beer import and help clients save time and costs in every import procedures. Our company operates in Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai(headquarter), Ningbao, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan where we have offices. With a huge China import customs clearance network like this, Seahog is able to satisfy clients¡¯s specific need to explore any part of China market and provides standard hassle-free import logistics services

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Professional, High-quality, and Efficient Shenzhen Import Customs Clearance Services

Common Liquors & Their HS code
Beer, hs code 2203000000
Wine, hs code 2204210000
Wiskey, hs code 2208300000
Wodka, hs code 2208600000

China Import duty, Import tax for wine
Import duty:14%
Value added tax:17%
Consumption tax: 10%

China Import duty, Import tax for beer
Import duty:0%
Value added tax:17%
Consumption tax: collect based on Customs duty-paid price. China customs collects RMB250/ton as consumption tax for beer whose  Customs duty-paid price is above 370USD/ton, and s RMB220/ton for beer whose  Customs duty-paid price is below  370USD/ton

Required documents for beer customs clearance in China
1.Original Labels and their Chinese translation.
2.Business license of the shipper (the seller) and the manufacturer - scancopy will be ok.
3.If the beer abstained any award(s) before, the scan copy of the award is required
4.Certificate of Origin ¨C official.
5.Health Certificate (Official - also called Sanitary certificate, or certificate of free sales).
6.Packing Certificate and its The Chinese translation - by manufacturer.
7.Ingredient Analysis Report by third party laboratory.
8.Nutrition Facts Test Report by third party laboratory.
9.Production date certificate (also called bottling date certificate) - by manufacturer.
10.Sales contract, invoice, packing list.

Possible Problems that may occur in customs clearance
1.Chinese labels are not up to CIQ standards, and modifications are required
2.The sampling test results show that the involving beer is unqualified, and return approval procedures shall be proceeded, the documents will be deleted, and submitted taxes will be returned. Or the shipment will be destroyed directly
3.The pasted Chinese labels are not inconsistent with the registered patterned, and thus the modification and re-pasting are required
4.Customs requires documents to prove the declaration prices
5.If sell the beer before obtain Chinese sanitary certificate, the importer will be fined by CIQ. In serious situation, the importer¡¯s business license will be revoked
Our expertise will help you get all the required documents correctly, and navigate you smoothly go through the complex China customs clearance procedures for imported beer.