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Tianjin Port Used Equipment and Second-hand Machinery Import Customs Clearance

Expert Import Customs Clearance Agent in Tianjin for Used Equipment and Second-hand Machinery

Our services are available in Tianjin, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen, Guangzhou,and Dongguan

Who we are and  what  we have
1.We are one of the largest established import customs clearance company in China
2.We have a professional team of over 300 employees with expertise and experience in this field
3.We have a huge import service network in 11 cities
4.We have over 17 years of experience
5.We provide import package services tailored for clients specific equipment and needs

Networking Operation in Seven Main Cities, Customs clearance for importation of used equipment and relevant transportation and transfer

Many clients have no idea of the complex procedures and the difficult handling of import of used equipment. They have many questions lingering in there mind before actual importation. For example: Can used equipment/second-hand machines be imported in to China. What procedures will be involved? How long it will take? Is there any limitation on the production year of the used equipment? Can the customs clearance be done if the equipment/machines are too old? How to decide the customs value of the equipment? How to obtain automatic import license for used machinery?
Well, Seahog is able to answer all these questions. Please allow me to introduce our advantages in China import customs clearance for used machinery?
1.Our company have rich import handling cases which covers all kinds of used machines that are allowed to be imported
2.We are pretty good at process documentation, like packing list, invoice, sales contract, HS code location
3.We can give you advise on the customs value
4.After shipment arrival, we will get the customs clearance done in a time frame you will be happy with
5.We provide competitive charges
6. We provide one-stop import services for used equipment, including sea freight, registration, CCIC pre-shipment inspection, automatic import license, storage, customs declaration, commodity inspection declaration, trucking, delivery, and so on .

Below are part of the equipment and machines we have actual import customs handling experience:

heavy equipment &  large electrical equipment, like power units, thermal power equipments, environmental protection equipment, construction equipment, mining equipment
High-end luxury, like yacht, Land-Rover, playground equipment,
punching machines, like Precision punch, automatic punch, CNC Punching Machine, Quick-working punch,
 Lathes, like common lathes, CNC lathes, automatic lathes
Grinding machines, like centerless grinding machine, internal grinding machine, CNC grinding machine,
milling machines, like planer type milling machine, horizontal milling machine, universal milling machine, vertical milling machine,
Planers, like shaping machine, double housing planer
Textile machines, like spinning machine, knitting machine, gripper loom, computerized flat knitting machine, drawing frame, combing machine
machining center, like Semi-automatic machining center, vertical machining centre, horizontal machining centre, three axis machining center, four axis machining center, five axis machining center, six axis machining center
Many others, like engineering equipment,  forging machine, hole drilling machine,  ring rolling machine, reaming machine,  forging machine, plate shearing machine, shearing machine, boring machine, broaching machine, sawing machine, carving machine, electric discharge machining, injection molding machine, rotary file, chamfering machine, robot, mechanical hand, polishing machine,  elevator, filling machine