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Shenzhen Airport Customs Broker House for Air Cargoes and Personal Packages

How to do customs clearance in Shenzhen airport for air cargo? How to handle import customs declaration for courier shipments shipped by Fedex/TNT/UPS/DHL/EMS when being informed that separate declaration is required? What documents will be needed? What procedures the customs clearance in Shenzhen airport has to go through? How to find a competent customs broker in Shenzhen airport  How much it costs to get everything done?

The operation procedures
1.Contact customs broker and sign the agency agreement
2.Provide relevant documents
3.The broker proceed to do declarations, pay import taxes and assist inspections
4.Customs release
Required documents include: air waybill/ courier waybill, invoice, packing list, and sales contract. Meanwhile declaration elements like brand, model, materials, function, usage shall be sorted out and confirmed before declarations. Different goods under different categories and under different HS codes may  need provide different declaration elements and documents.  It is very important to prepare documents in correct form and provide accurate information. Otherwise, it may lead to extra inspection and clearance delay.

Courier shipments often encounter such case: the tracking shows customs release the day before, but indicates wait for customs the next day. Importers do not understand how this could happen and think what is wrong. In fact, the first former clearance info has passed custom examination but the actual goods has not yet arrived, which is called pre-customs clearance for enhancing transit and clearance efficiency. But upon actual landing and customs entry, the packages will be spot checked, which is random yet has some rules - for example, containing suspicious items, exceeding weight limits, or having extra-high or extra-low prices. Once the packages are seized and hold by customs, a customs clearance organization or agent will be needed to handle that.

Seahog logistics provides fast customs clearance in Shenzhen airport for a wide ranges of shipments shipped by air or by couriers, such as fabrics, Fitness Equipment, Boxings Equipment, computer accessories, personal effects, wall controllers, clothing, dies and moulds, cellphone parts, machine tools, precise instruments, machines and their parts, equipment, electronic products, and many many other types of goods. Welcome to send us inquiry for our services