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Shenzhen Customs Broker Services for Import Beer

Seahog Logistics, provides superior one-package import logistics with its large service network covering Beijing airport,Chengdu airport, Zhengzhou airport, Guangzhou airport, Shanghai airport,  Shenzhen airport, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Hongkong. With nearly 20 years operation in this field, we are familiar with the importation requirements for all types of imported commodities, and of course have rich operation cases and experience. We are able to do efficient and economic import solution for clients quickly and ensure the fast handling of customs clearance in China.   

Seahog logistics is also a leading brand in China customs clearance agency for imported food, wine and beer. We can take care of everything expected from a professional China customs broker, including shipper and consignee registration, Chinese label making, Chinese label registration, import title, import permit, import document preparation, overseas pick up, sea/air freight, customs clearance in China, warehouse, and local transportation.
The General Import Flow
1.shipper and consignee registration
2.Prepare goods and documentation
3.Arrange shipping
4.Exchange documents after shipment arrives
5.Declare to CIQ
6.Declare to customs
7.Pay import taxes
8.Chinese label registration
9.Sampling drawing
10.Paste Chinese label
11.Shipment released
12.Arrange transportation

Required Documents for customs clearance in Shenzhen: certificate of origin,health certificate  ingredient test report, production date certificate, bill of lading, sales contract, invoice, sales contract.

Tax Rates for imported beer :
Import duty:0%
Value added tax: 17%
Consumption tax: RMB220-250/ton

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