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Shenzhen Customs Clearance Services for Hand-Made Soap

Seahog logistics is a large import customs broker in China and is able to handle customs clearance in Beijing airport, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Chengdu airport, Zhengzhou airport, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Shenzhen airport, Guangzhou, Guangzhou airport,  and Hong Kong. We can help arrange overseas pick-up, sea/air freight, import permit, import registration, customs declaration, inspection assistance, warehouse, and transportation.  

Import Tax Rates for Hand-Made Soap
-HS code: 340111000
-import duty: 10%
-value added tax: 17%
-comprehensive tax rate:   (1+10.0%*1+17.0%-1= 28.7%
-total tax: CIF price x 28.7%

Import Customs Clearance Flow of Hand-Made Soap   
1.check import qualifications. - the actual consignee or the China customs broker shall hold import right.
2.Shipper & consignee registration, Chinese registration before shipping
3.Send samples to CIQ laboratory for sampling test
4.Prepare invoice, packing list, sale contract, certificate of origin, health certificate before shipment arrival
5.Exchange document with shipping company after shipment arrival
6.Declare to CIQ and obtain bill of entry
7.Declare to customs
8.Pay taxes to China customs
9.Inspections by CIQ - inspect the goods, sanitary treatment, and check labels(soap shall come with original labels; and Chinese labels must be pasted before customs release)
10.Customs release

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